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Osby Parca Division (Enertech AB)

Heating boilers
Steam boilers
Boiler grates
Metal boiler stokers
Industrial steam boilers
Cast iron boilers
Computer controlled boilers
Electric boilers
Gas fired boilers
Greenhouse boilers
Hand regulated boilers
Hot water boilers
Mobile boilers
Natural draught boilers
Oil boilers
Pellet fired boilers
Steel boilers
Thermal fluids industrial boilers
Turbo-furnace boilers
Wood chip boilers
Catering steam boilers
Central station steam boilers
Gas fired steam boilers
Oil fired steam boilers
Steam boilers for dry-cleaning installations
Year of establishment
Parent company
NIBE Industrier AB (SE)
Värmeelementet i Osby AB (SE)
Bentone AB (SE)
Turboflame AB (SE)
Osby Parca AB (SE)
CTC Giersch AG
Enertech Belgium sprl
CTC Ferrofil A/S (NO)
Number of employees
Yearly turnover (SEK)
651 512 000
Yearly turnover (EUR)
61 163 912
Equity (SEK)
27 000 000
VAT number
Corporate registration number
Balance/Profit kSEK 2018-12-01 2017-12-01 2016-12-01
Annual turnover (Last three years) 651512 551593 539157
Amortization 264095 248178 172707
Net finances 2415 2640 -1250
Depreciation 55994 34767 27318
Profit before taxes 57009 39607 26868
Profit of year 44203 30803 20860
Assets 377972 368554 295072
Untaxed reserves 6800 5400 7600
Debts 129292 144489 101035
Equity 191053 169850 139047
Operating margin (%) 9.21 7.04 5.1
Current ratio (%) 221.44 194.11 263.41
Return on equity (%) 29.81 21.53 18.04
Business Management
Jan Håkan Lennartsson
Board member
Annika Ingrid Maria Edvinsson
Board member
Richard Håkan Håkansson
Chairman of Board
Klas Thomas Dahlberg
Board member
Lena Ann-Sofie Mariana Persson
Board member
Jan Håkan Lennartsson
Board member
Nils Wåge Larsson
Sales management
Ola Svensson (Säljare)
Sales management
Max Wallin (Exportsäljare)
Sales management
Gert Johannesson (Försäljningschef)
Areas of export
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