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Electric heating elements
Electric heaters
Made-to-order manufacturing
Flexible printed circuits
RFID antennas
Electric acid proof industrial heaters
Industrial electric ceramic heaters
Domestic electric heating elements
Electric heating elements for refrigeration defrosting
Industrial electric heating elements
Heating elements for clothes driers
Self-regulating PTC heating elements
Electric underfloor heating systems for industries
Industrial electric foil heating systems
Made-to-order manufacturing of electric heating elements
Made-to-order manufacturing of industrial electric heaters
Year of establishment
Parent company
NIBE Industrier AB (SE)
Backer FER Srl
Backer OBR Sp zoo
Meyer Vastus Ab, OY (FI)
Norske Backer A/S (NO)
Structurgruppen AB (SE)
Askoma AG
Backer Wolff GmbH
Backer-Wilson Elements Pty Ltd
Hyper Engineering Pty Ltd
Backer ELC AG
Lund & Sörensen A/S (DK)
Backer Calesco France Sarl
Backer Heating Technologies Inc
Backer Alpe, S de RL de CV
Heatrod Elements Ltd
Shel Nibe Manufacturing Co Ltd
Backer-Facsa SL
Danotherm Electric A/S (DK)
Backer Elektro CZ Sro
Eltop Sro
Number of employees
Yearly turnover (SEK)
598 782 000
Yearly turnover (EUR)
55 756 604
Equity (SEK)
3 717 000
VAT number
Corporate registration number
Balance/Profit kSEK 2018-12-01 2017-12-01 2016-12-01
Annual turnover (Last three years) 598782 557474 472141
Amortization 52472 50880 43452
Net finances 89810 43423 20129
Depreciation 51392 49968 42541
Profit before taxes 125807 79668 54067
Profit of year 117105 72568 47407
Assets 1075927 824356 765416
Untaxed reserves 84208 68813 55090
Debts 488152 393525 377812
Equity 361912 314807 282239
Operating margin (%) 24.82 17.27 16.22
Current ratio (%) 217.91 207.91 116.54
Return on equity (%) 33.42 25.63 19.47
Business Management
Ulf Christer Fredriksson
Chairman of Board
Torsten Gert-Erik Lindquist
Board member
Ulf Christer Fredriksson
Board member
Per Vilhelm Mattias Örtenblad
Board member
Johan Carl-Mårten Hörberg
Board member
Sven Jonas Fredrik Andersson
Johan Harder (platschef)
Markus Vesa
Sales management
Ulf Andersson
Sales management
Thomas Nordqvist
Sales management
Fredrik Andersson
Anders Lennqvist
Technical management
Pär Ohlsson
Quality management
Maciej Bieniecki
Quality management
Petra Kahn
Pär Ohlsson
Brand names
Calesco (VM)
Norell (VM)
Areas of export
Alla regioner

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