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Lesjöfors Springs and Pressings AB

Metal springs
Valve springs
Wire springs
Metal pressing services
Vehicle springs
Air springs
Biconical springs
Clothes pegs springs
Cold formed springs
Conical springs
Constant force springs
Die springs
Disc springs
Door springs
Firearm springs
Flat spiral springs
Hairpin springs
Hot formed springs
Knitting machine springs
Leaf spring bed springs
Lock springs
Loom springs
Marine springs
Metal leaf springs
Office machinery springs
Year of establishment
Parent company
Lesjöfors AB (SE)
Yearly turnover (SEK)
87 512 000
Yearly turnover (EUR)
8 215 621
Equity (SEK)
3 000 000
Corporate registration number
Balance/Profit kSEK 2017-12-01 2016-12-01 2015-12-01
Annual turnover (Last three years) 87512 80355 52299
Amortization -117 428 239
Net finances 0 2 0
Depreciation -117 428 239
Profit before taxes -117 430 239
Profit of year -117 334 183
Assets 14385 14073 13974
Untaxed reserves 0 0 0
Debts 10984 10556 10791
Equity 3401 3517 3183
Operating margin (%) -0.13 0.54 0.46
Current ratio (%) 130.96 133.32 129.5
Return on equity (%) -3.44 12.23 6.93
Business Management
Hans Jakob Heribert Lindquist
Board member
Gunnar Kjell-Arne Lindbäck
Board member
Mårten Eugen Glas
Board member
Ann-Sofie K Haglund Skeppstedt
Chairman of Board
Hans Jakob Heribert Lindquist
Sales management
Henrik Berner
Brand names
Lesjöfors (VM)
Lesjöfors Automotive (VM)
Lesjöfors Fjädrar (VM)
Lesjöfors Springs (VM)
Lesjöfors Springs & Pressings (VM)
Lesjöfors Stock Springs (VM)
Lesjöfors Strip Components (VM)
Areas of import
Alla regioner
Areas of export
Alla regioner

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