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Liquid level indicators
Made-to-order manufacturing
Pressure transducers
Averaging flow meters
Cold fluid flow meters
Compressed air flow meters
Corrosive fluid flow meters
Differential pressure flow meters
Electronic flow meters
Flow meters for leaks
Gas and air flow meters
High pressure flow meters
Hot fluid meters
Laminar flow meters
Mass flow meters
Oil and viscous liquid flow meters
Slow flow meters
Temperature compensating flow meters
Water flow meters
Absolute pressure transducers
Bi-directional pressure transducers
Differential pressure transducers
Dynamic pressure transducers
Year of establishment
Number of employees
Yearly turnover (SEK)
2 627 000
Yearly turnover (EUR)
245 174
Equity (SEK)
100 000
VAT number
Corporate registration number
Balance/Profit kSEK 2017-12-01 2016-12-01 2015-12-01
Annual turnover (Last three years) 2627 2710 2449
Amortization 118 180 144
Net finances -1 -1 -1
Depreciation 118 180 120
Profit before taxes 117 178 119
Profit of year 117 178 119
Assets 1021 907 721
Untaxed reserves 0 0 0
Debts 239 242 234
Equity 782 665 487
Operating margin (%) 4.49 6.64 4.9
Current ratio (%) 427.2 374.79 308.12
Return on equity (%) 14.96 26.77 24.44
Business Management
Kurt Thomas Lager
Board member
Peter Olov Pehrman
Chairman of Board
Wolfgang Harald Zehetmayr
Sales management
Tomas Lager
Brand names
Compactline (VM)
Data Instruments (VM)
Honeywell (VM)
Microswitch (VM)
Pascaline (VM)
Sensortechnics (VM)
SenSym ICT (VM)
Areas of export
Alla regioner

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