About Nordic Suppliers

About Nordic Suppliers

Nordic Suppliers is a search engine specialised on products and services, with a focus on Nordic industries. Nordic Suppliers is owned and run by Ipsnode AB.

What we do

We help technicians, construction engineers and buyers to find the right Nordic Supplier for the exact product, component or service they are looking for. Our user profile makes our service the perfect tool for the product manager who wish to reach their market more efficiently.

How we do it

Nordic Suppliers strives to have relevant descriptions of the portfolio of business-to-business products listed by the companies that use our services. Therefore we constantly work hard at collecting and making this information available. At the core of our service is our unique and internally developed onthology for product information: Ipsnode Product Classification (IPC).
Our users turn to us because we have the, by far, most effective solution for finding the best Nordic Supplier, starting from the exact product, component or service they need. Our substantial work at finding out which companies do what, and the simplicity of our tools, make our service unique.


Address: Ipsnode AB, Luntmakargatan 34, SE-111 37 Stockholm, SWEDEN
E-post: info@nordicsuppliers.com

If you have any questions regarding content or advertising through our services, please contact our marketing company Compnode who have regional offices in all the Nordic countries.


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